The 2024 Tenstreet User Conference was a huge success! Click here to pre-register for next year's conference, May 7-10, 2025!

Tenstreet’s 2024 User Conference Agenda

Are you ready to go for the gold?

Every year, we make it our mission at Tenstreet to design better ways for the transportation industry to bring drivers and carriers together, to remove friction and make work feel easy… or even better, not like work at all. Every day, we talk to hundreds of industry leading carriers, vendors, brokers, and shippers to bring the biggest ideas to life and move the industry forward in a way that is mutually beneficial to our two most prominent players.

Just like when our IntelliApp made it possible for millions of drivers to complete full applications in minutes over hours, radically reducing time to hire for clients. Or when we created a revolutionary mobile app that brought together a network of over 2.6 million drivers to help carriers more easily engage them. What we’ll be debuting at the 2024 User Conference will be no different. And just like you were then, you’ll want to be there now when we reveal the latest transformation in trucking.

To offer a clue, just imagine if you could shake up the existing lead to full app recruiting model and get the right applicants to hire faster leveraging built-in AI. Imagine a system that automatically alerted a driver when he was in a high enforcement area, or let him know to change his delivery route based on traffic or current wait times. Navigation by itself can only do so much, but when coalesced with specific, timely, and personalized communication, the possibilities are as powerful as they are endless. It results in less friction and more of everything else — like drive time, productivity, and job satisfaction. And drivers will always show their thanks by staying longer with a carrier they feel is looking out for them.

If you want to see the next move we’ll be making to reduce friction and add value to the carrier and driver relationship, look no further than the Tenstreet User Conference. Attendees can expect data-packed industry breakdowns, exclusive access to leading edge product releases, expert Tenstreet tips, and plenty of networking with fellow trucking champions to leave you refreshed and inspired for the months ahead.

We’re planning another year of powerful sessions to help our clients achieve their goals and reach the winners’ circle. Our 6th User Conference is happening April 3-5, 2024, and we’re returning to the world-class Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, NV.

UC 2024 will be bringing back several client-favorite features like:

  • Insights into new trends in the driver market you’ll only find at Tenstreet’s User Conference
  • Trainings tailored around all of our top services and new products
  • Early access to knowledge about new features and tools
  • Best practices and tips on how to get the most out of Tenstreet
  • Forums for sharing your opinion and voting on what to develop next
  • Breakout sessions that let you focus on the topics that are most relevant to your business
  • One-on-one client meetings to connect about your specific needs
  • Opportunities to network with peers
  • Your Tenstreet questions answered by our trained experts at the Help Desk

Your registration includes everything we rollout for free for 90-days — that’s three full months of exclusive access before it will be available to the rest of the industry. Make sure you secure your space in a competitive market (and at the Tenstreet User Conference) by registering today!



Don’t just take our word for it that the User Conference is packed with value — here’s what some of our clients who frequently attend had to say about our last conference:

“Every year there’s something new, something cutting edge that Tenstreet’s come out with. Tim’s initial welcome talk and his vision for the future — I always get a lot out of that, and I’m madly taking notes and screenshots and whatever I can. You guys are always on the cutting edge, always trying to think of the next best thing to help carriers do their jobs better and easier.”

Tim Norlin, Vice President of Driver Employment - Roehl Transport

“The three biggest reasons I continue to come to the conference are number one, the product exposure that we’re getting. That has been absolutely phenomenal to watch Tenstreet take their products to where we need them as an industry. It’s become more of a value add than it ever was just a product we had to use. The second aspect is to network. We see a lot of old friends, a lot of colleagues at different organizations that we are still close to, and this is our one chance in the year to be able to see them. Third, we get to look at some new vendors that you have in your lobby. That is a huge aspect, that we can not only look at your safety products, but we’re looking at a few other folks that are here on the yard to see how those solutions play off of each other.”

David Pike, Director of Recruiting, NFI

“I love coming and seeing the new products that are being rolled out and some of the data that y’all are able to provide from the previous year. And there’s always ways to improve, but it’s great to see an outside of the box perspective on what growth could look like for your company.”

Amanda Hall, Director of Recruiting, NFI

“I came back this time because it gives me and my boss ears on what’s going on in the industry. You’re definitely bringing a lot of good people to talk to, and a lot of good data that we can definitely bring back and say, ‘Here’s what’s going on in the industry. Here’s how we need to adjust.’ ”

Aaron Cripps, Human Resources Recruiting Representative, Haggerty Logistics

“There’s always something new. You not only learn the new programs and products, but you meet other managers and we interact and learn different things. That’s my biggest thing. You see your competitors out there, you get to interact and make your department better.”

Chris Harbin, Heniff Transportation Systems, Director of Recruiting

“What made me decide to come to the user conference? I felt the need to get out of my bubble. That’s why it was a great networking opportunity. I appreciate the new products and everything, but the real reason I was there is just to have those conversations. That was a large part of the value and then everything I took back from it was just those random conversations that the conference itself generated, coming out of a session and sitting down for a meal and then talking to the people about the context of that session. ‘How are you going to use this? What do you think about that?’ Just being able to bounce ideas and gather some of those best practices is what I went into it looking for. And that’s certainly what I got, and then some.”

Kris Gordon, Director of Recruiting, Westside Transport

“Get ready to strap in. You’re in there to learn and get things done and to communicate for two days of this. But you’re going to come out of there with actual knowledge. You’ll be saying, ‘My God, this was so worth my time.’ I was really glad I made it out. Because I go to a lot of conferences. I’m going to tell everybody this. This is the truth. If there’s one conference you go to that’s going to be worth your while, it’s the Tenstreet Conference.”

Robert Rellinger, Vice President of Safety and Risk, C&K Holdings